#1: The New Norm - 2021

Starting 2021 with a fresh blog look, and additional items in my shop. 

  • Candlel Candles
  • Lush Habitat Essential Oil Products

Of course floral wise ventured into more creations:

  • Dry & Preserved Florals
  • Domes
  • Special Consignments

Would love to do more weddings if you all are interested in having my florals - Fully customisable! Of course, gifts and everything else :)

This year is a year of change, so much much have happened yet we are still holding on, not giving up, and being more resilient and creative  :) 

Closed my Everton shop as you all know, and am relying on this Online Shop of mine! Of course, fill free to whatsapp me at 88661648 or check out our google forms at https://linktr.ee/blossomsbyrei. If you have already decided what you want, you can just buy it off shelf and tick the paynow/paylah option or google pay if there is ;)

Looking forward to expand and having more of you enjoying my florals and services!

Chat me up on whatsapp too and I will try to reply asap. 

And do follow me on my Fb/Ig: @blossomsbyrei

Love ya guys!


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